14 days in Italy, Tuscany – Traveling with a one yo

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This was our itinerary during the trip’s first week in Tuscany.

Day 1

We landed in Verona around noon and headed straight to Tuscany, it was took us around 4 hour drive with several stops on the way for refreshment, so we arrived to La Certaldina in late evening.

I highly recommend taking several stops on long drives, at least every 45 minutes as our babies need the rest from the car seat which is not a natural position for them.

Day 2

We decided to chill on our first day in Tuscany. Hung out in the pool, cook some delicious food and got to know our surroundings better. This is what we usually do on the first day of the trips we take together. We found a good supermarket, gas station, restaurants and went for site seeing in the area of Certaldo.


Day 3


A full day can be easily spent strolling around the city. Don’t miss Piazzale Michelangelo for the best views of Florence. It was nice shopping for souvenirs and walking through the beautiful road around the viewpoint.

Lunch at Tattoria Pizzeria Nerone. Delicious pizza!


Day 4

Chianti road.

The most beautiful road of vinyards, wine tasting and views in Tuscany! Take SR222 or Chiantigiana road for a whole day explore. There are so many small towns to stop at. Volpaia was our favorite, so beautiful and authentic. Also stopped at Castellina and Radda for a quick stroll and ice cream of course.

Lunch at Bar Ucci in Volpaia.

Day 5


The highlight of this day was of course the leaning tower. We arrived towards noon so it was packed but in the morning there are less people and it’s less hot. Take into consideration that kids under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the tower, so we decided we will skip that adventure. After visiting the tower we explored the old city center for an hour or so, and finished this lovely day with ice cream of course.

Day 6

Val d’Orcia.

Another vineyards and small old towns road, in my opinion Chianti was much better, view and wine tasting wise. We visited Pienza and Montepulciano, stunning towns and delicious food and wine.


Day 7

We decided to take our last day off from driving and exploring and hang out in the pool, rest and have some delicious food. These days were so much fun as much as the days we drove out for site seeing.

Day 8

All packed and ready to drive up north to Garda lake.


Overall, taking this trip ‘easy’, not rushing or trying to see as much as we can was the key for a successful vacation with a baby. It was more about family time in Italy than pure touristic experience.


Our second week in Garda lake, coming up next….


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