14 days in Italy, Garda lake – Traveling with a one yo

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This was our itinerary during the trip’s second and last week in Garda lake.

Day 8

We arrived to Garda Lake after a long drive from Tuscany. Several stops on the way to freshen up and let our baby girl out of the car seat. It took about 5 hours to get to our destination. It was almost evening so we just relaxed in our beautiful apartment for the rest of the night.

Day 9

Monte Baldo and Malcesine.

We spent the whole day in this beautiful area. It was about an hour drive from the south of the lake to the east-north side of it. Monte Baldo is a cable car going up to the mountains surrounding Garda Lake, the line to get to the cable car was pretty long, about 40 minute wait but it was definitely worth it. The views on top are spectacular! There are 360 degree views, few hiking trails and a restaurant on top.

Make sure you bring some coats with you for the whole family as it can get a bit cold at the top, and I’m talking about a hot summer day.

Around noon we went down and started exploring Malcesine, had a nice lunch near the port, went through the allies to the stunning fort and finished with delicious ice-cream of course.

Day 10


Headed the west part of the lake we visited Limone that day. This town is all about lemons, you will find lemons everywhere. This would be the best place to buy Limonchillo liqueur and balsamic vinegar. Take the whole day to explore, visit the small market near the port and stroll through the ancient allies and small cute stores. There is a also a beach where you can bath in Garda water.


Day 11


Heading the south part of the lake we visited Sirmione that day. By far the most beautiful, breathtaking town we’ve seen throughout the whole trip!!

Don’t miss the archaeological area and the beautiful beach beneath it, take a walk to the end of the bay, there are hot natural springs there, a bar and really good vibes!


Day 12

A day to relax.

Exploring our surroundings in the aguriturismo area. There was a beautiful river just beneath the farm. We took a bike and some water and headed out. Around 2 hours of exploring this beautiful raw nature was spectacular!


Day 13

Lake Tenno and Riva del Garda.

The lake is absolutely a must. The water are turquoise crystal clear, there is a hike that surrounds the lake, so you can walk between trees and have many stops along the way to bath in the refreshing water, it will take about 1-1.5 hours if hiking with a baby carrier (strollers are not allowed). I recommend bringing some snacks, water and spend the whole day there.

For lunch we drove to Riva Del Garda which is a town near by. The side walk along the beach is nice and relaxing. Not very packed with people and there are many places to rest along the way and have some ice cream of course.

Day 14

Last day of packing, last minute shopping and saying goodbye to this beautiful piece of land.


Overall, taking this trip ‘easy’, not rushing or trying to see as much as we can was the key for a successful vacation with a baby. It was more about family time in Italy than pure touristic experience.


Ciao Bambinos 🙂

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