10 best organic skincare products

Ever since my baby girl was born I got very interested in using the most natural, cruelty free products on her. I investigated and read a lot about the harmful chemicals that are in our beauty and shower products we use on a daily basis. It amazed me when I realized the amount of artificial ingredients that are in almost every product today.

So I’m sharing with you the top 3 chemicals I always make sure I avoid and the top 10 organic bath products I use every day and after a lot of tries and experiments.

My 3 most no-no’s ingredients are:


Parabens are an inexpensive and common type of preservative used in many different skincare products to keep the product fresh. They also prevent the product from harboring harmful bacteria.

There was a scare when parabens were found in breast tumors, but there is no conclusive evidence that the parabens caused the tumors.


Formaldehyde acts as an anti-bacterial preservative to reduce the growth of bacteria in the product. A minimal amount of formaldehyde is harmless. Formaldehyde is naturally present at low levels in many things, including plants, smoke and food. In low levels, it can be safely and legally used in skincare products.

Nowadays, the cosmetic industry is alternatively using formaldehyde releasers that are a time-release form of formaldehyde because they are more economically feasible. They can cause irritation to the skin. Using a single product containing a formaldehyde-releasing preservative may not pose a health risk, but that product might not be the only source of exposure. Many products that we use on a daily basis contain these ingredients.

SLS Sodium laureth sulfate

SLS is the ingredient that turns a squirt body wash into a smooth lather. The purpose of this chemical is basically to makes bubbles. This allows the product to cut through oil and residue and leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean.

SLS is one of the most sensitizing ingredients of all cleansing agents used in skincare products. It is a synthetic detergent, emulsifier and an anionic surface-active agent.

According to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, SLS is a “moderate hazard” that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption.

So, here are my 10 best organic skin care products reviews. All are non-toxic, cruelty free, organic bath products.

Shampoo & Conditioner by Avalon organics

This couple is my all time favorite. I used to suffer from dandruff and oily scalp but no more. It leaves my hair with fresh rosemary scent and healthy scalp.


Facial soap & Cleansing brush

Used daily before bed, the soap does not irritates my skin not dehydrate it and the brush adds an extra gentle exfoliation.


Hair mask & Facial mask

I use these two once a week. The hair mask is absolutely amazing! I cannot stress that enough. It leaves my hair soft, tangle free and moisturized. And so is the refreshing facial mask, it has an Aloe-Vera texture and a minty scent and feel which is super refreshing.


Aluminium and fragrance free spray Deodorant

Perfect for everyday use, not for workout though, it is not strong enough for me at least.


Antioxidant facial, skin and hair oils

I use the Facial oil with peptids before bed after cleaning my face and it gives a feeling of a night mask, lots of hydration and the skin feels so smooth. It is combined from a complex of antioxidant oils that are good for skin aging prevention.

The Avalon antioxidant oil with a gentle citrus scent, I use it on the mornings for a good feeling of hydration throughout the day. It leaves my skin smooth and soft.

Last one is the Acure argan oil for general use, great for my hair, my skin and for any dryness I suffer from.



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