Best 16 winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Winter is coming, and as we all know it can be very challenging entertaining the kids in the afternoons if you are a full time working mama or for the whole day if you are a stay at home mama. So I present to you my 16 best winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers (which are also educational) or as I call it, how to go through this winter and keep your sanity 🙂

Winter craft activities ideas

  • Painting. Can vary from water paint, pencils, markers, stamps or whatever your toddler likes.
  • Craft with a variety of materials. Dough, sand, stickers and Plasticine.
  • Coloring books. Can make hours and hours of entertainment.
  • Find treasures. Hide colorful stones or little toys inside dough or Plasticine. Once the treasures were found we can make a DIY project out of them like a jewelry box or a crown. Learn the different materials, fine motor skills, imagination and developing creativity.


Winter Board games

  • Memory games. Matching pairs, can be played with the cards  visible or up side down.
  • Puzzles. There are various puzzle games for this age. Wood, magnet and the traditional carton.
  • Domino. In this age the domino is visual and not numbers.  Learn taking turns, concentrate and be attentive.

Being active

  • Dance. Can be to any kind of music, toddlers love to dance and mimic adult moves.
  • Hide and seek. Ask your toddler to go hide and seek enthusiastically after him/her. Be verbal and active and both of you will have lots of fun.
  • Hot/cold. Hide an object and let you toddler look for it. As he gets closer to the object announce he is getting hotter and hotter and as vice versa. Learn how to follow rules, develop gross motor skills.



  • Preparing basic meals in the kitchen. Make sure you have a basket of fruit and vegetables. Learn colors, what is vegetable and what is fruit, basic math (nothing, a lot, 1+1=2), what do we cook and what we can eat raw.
  • Restaurant. The stuffed animals are having lunch in a restaurant. We can make the table, prepare a menu and decorate the table. Learn what is hospitality, being social. 
  • Supermarket. Buy and sell groceries. Learn the value of money, manage a household and customer service.



  • Doctor and patient. Getting ready for a doctor’s appointment. Can help with fear from the clinic or process a past experience.
  • Taking care of a baby doll. Feed, play, love and take it to bed.
  • Kindergarten. Act different situations from the playground and everyday activities from the kindergarten.



Have a beautiful winter

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