Yuval’s 1st birthday on low budget

Among my friends, the 1st birthday of their babies is a really big deal. Inviting the extended family and friends, hiring a catering service, buying a specially customized birthday cake and buying the best decorations of course.

Well, I won’t deny, it is a big deal for me too. But I refuse to spend so much money on it. The decorations and accessories cost a fortune and Yuval only cares about the cake anyway 🙂

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DIY milk bath photo-shoot

I finally did it and it ended up such a fun family session and memories captioned for ever.

In continuous to my previous post about being an exclusively pumping mama, I had left around 5 breast-milk bags that has expired being more than 6 months in the freezer.

Apparently, breast-milk has so many more uses than just nutrition for our babies. It can ease a runny nose, cure an eye infection and moisturize your baby’s skin.

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A tired mama on her exclusively pumping journey

You Don’t Have to Be a Perfect Mom. It’s Okay to Be a “Good Enough” mom.

I had to remind myself that, each and every single day for the first few months after giving birth. My baby girl Yuval was born 13 months ago.

Her birth was so empowering and beautiful, more than I could have prayed for. I prepared very well for her birth. Starting from a Hypnobirth course with my husband, practicing meditation and breathing, a lot of mental work and nutrition.

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