DIY Unicorn cake

What a challenge! Let me tell you, it was definitely not easy but I’m so glad I did it.

In order to understand where to start I watched several Youtube videos on how to DIY a unicorn cake, my mom insisted I won’t be able to make it happen and this has just boosted up my motivation to bake this cake. Bakeries in our town charge over 100$ for this kind of cake and in continuous to the ‘low budget 1st birthday’ target, I was focused to succeed with the mission.

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Yuval’s 1st birthday on low budget

Among my friends, the 1st birthday of their babies is a really big deal. Inviting the extended family and friends, hiring a catering service, buying a specially customized birthday cake and buying the best decorations of course.

Well, I won’t deny, it is a big deal for me too. But I refuse to spend so much money on it. The decorations and accessories cost a fortune and Yuval only cares about the cake anyway 🙂

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